Training Services

I love putting the first few rides on a colt. Helping them understand being a riding horse, fostering their confidence in having a job, and turning out relaxed, forward, happy horses is my favorite thing. With every horse that comes through my program, I am looking to create a riding partner who is game and teachable. I believe it is possible to start colts without scaring them or losing their spark and personality. We can challenge and teach them in a space where they find the right answers and push them without rushing them.

Every horse learns at its own pace, but before they leave us we would like to see them:

- responding to pressure by searching for answers

- confidently carrying a rider at all gaits in the arena and on the trails

-softly responsive to basic leg, seat and rein cues

The goal here is to build a secure foundation to support further specialized training. No matter what your horse's future job will be, we can lay the groundwork for them to learn it.

Brass Ring Sun Farms also accepts horses with histories of problematic or dangerous behavior for retraining. To understand what you will be getting with your problem horses you have to understand a bit of my training philosophy.  A horse does not have the capacity to be stubborn or spiteful.  Instead, most horse misbehavior comes from anxiety, confusion or pain.  Horses manifest their anxiety in a variety of ways and, like humans, have different learning styles.  I focus on understanding their behaviors and creating a space for them to learn without being fearful. I acknowledge when they are worried and we need to take a breath to review previous lessons that they are confident about.  

My program is the right fit for the owner who is not looking for a 30 day wonder, but would like to create a solid and well trained horse that they can enjoy a long-term successful partnership with.  I focus on finding the root of the behavioral problem, rather than trying to create a quick fix that falls apart once the horse is back home.

A troubled horse will get a fresh start with us. By working from the beginning, we are able to find the missing pieces and help the horse find answers that make him into a safe riding partner.


To be started under saddle, we ask that the horse be at least three years old and service-ably sound. Yes, we will start an older horse under saddle! There is no upper age limit for this service.  Med/large ponies are also welcome.

To enroll any horse with a history of problematic or dangerous behavior in our program, we have two requirements that must be met:

1 - An on-site evaluation is required before an offer for training will be extended

2 - The horse must have a thorough exam by a qualified veterinarian to rule out physical causes for the behavior.

If, at any time, I suspect that pain is at the root of your horse's problem, I have an excellent vet, chiropractor, massage therapist and farrier ready to jump in and work together to resolve the issue.  If your horse has permanent physical impairments, I will review them with you in light of your goals as a rider early in the process.


All training packages are for full training and 2 lessons/month.  Horses are boarded at a private facility for the duration of their training, with boarding fees paid directly to the facility. All daily care must be arranged directly with the boarding facility, BRSF does not offer any feeding, blanketing, or turnout services.

90 day package - $2100

Additional 30 day increments - $725

Additional lessons (45 minute private lesson) -$80

Pricing is all inclusive; no discounts are offered for shorter stays. While the training itself is custom tailored to your horse's needs, pricing is the same whether he arrives a blank slate or with a heap of baggage. 

Note: Training packages are offered on a limited basis. An evaluation is required before training will be offered, but does not guarantee that an offer will be extended.